Surgeons Perform 1st Skull and Scalp Transplant

Specialists at the Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center say they have effectively performed the first skull and scalp transplant. 

The patient was James Boysen, a 55-year old programming architect who endured extreme harm on the highest point of his head from malignancy. On May 22, while additionally experiencing a kidney and pancreas transplant, specialists likewise performed a craniofacial transplant. The surgery was performed at Houston Methodist Hospital. 

Boysen's growths of the scalp and various radiation medicines and surgeries left him wounds sufficiently profound to achieve the mind, specialists said. Beginning around an inch over his ears, specialists made a ring entry point on Boysen's scalp, transplanting another skull and scalp. Inside and out, the surgeries took almost a day to perform, and included more than 50 specialists, including miniaturized scale specialists, neurosurgeons and reconstructive specialists. 

Boysen was discharged from the healing facility yesterday and will be recovering at a transplant surgery recuperation living arrangement for the following a few weeks. 

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